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Research interests

I have a natural curiosity in most things. 


Broadly, I'm interested in areas of research within ecology, conservation, and technology.


I get particularly excited about projects which intersect two or more of those areas. 


In the realms of ecology, I've been most involved in projects looking at competition within communities of large carnivores.  My research has focused mainly on large African predators and looking at the impacts of competition on the behavioural and spatial ecology of leopards.  



Most of my current research, to date, has focused on understanding some of the factors allowing leopards to coexist alongside other large predators in Africa.  Such information can help inform on the requirements for co-occurring predator guilds.  For example, are there certain environmental features that aid coexistence or do [something else].  [Sentence on wildlife monitoring]. Moving forward, I have an interest in understanding more on the impact humans are having on the ecology of species and the role technology could play in helping reduce human-wildlife conflict. 



I am interested in how all types of technologies, particularly open-source  can be applied to ecology and conservation research.  My current work has primarily used technology in the form of animal borne sensors (see here for a link of the collars used) to understand large African carnivore space-use and ecology.  Machine learning and it's applications in image identification (in the context of species monitoring) [is also particularly interesting].

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